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Terms and Conditions

Centaurus Charter

Deposit and Insurance

Our yachts are covered with insurance amount according to the Price List for the current year. The insurance policy covers Compulsory Passenger Insurance and Compulsory Third-Party Insurance. Personal property of passengers is not covered with insurance and any damage incurred due to gross negligence, or with the plain intention by the guests, shall not be the subject to insurance compensation. DEPOSIT *- Before the delivery of the yacht, the Guests is expected to pay the security deposit in cash or by credit card (Visa, Master). After completing the accommodation of guests onboard, the security deposit shall be reimbursed in full, unless any damage to the vessel or damage or loss of any item of the vessel equipment has been found. Otherwise, the deposit shall be kept in the equivalent value of the repair or the purchase value of the damaged and/or lost equipment.


  • Cancellation or reschedule 72 hours prior the booking free of charge (standard bank fees will be charged).
  • Upon cancellation less than 48 hours prior the booking 50% from the total will be charged.
  • No-show or cancellation less than 24 hours prior the booking will be NO REFUNDABLE.

Yacht Delivery Procedure

The yacht boarding takes place upon bookings which will be Sunday – Saturday 9 am – 2 am. All guests shall deliver a verified original voucher including original identification documents (emirates id or passport). During the boarding procedure, the guests will be required to attain a safety check with the representative of the Centaurus Charter and confirm the condition of the vessel with his/her signature. The same procedure shall be referred to as the equipment and onboard facilities. Any subsequent complaints will not be accepted, provided that the good working order and the full equipment of the vessel have been established and signed during the delivery procedure. If the guests wish to extend the stay onboard he/she must notify Centaurus Charter to check out the further availability of the vessel whereupon added charges for additional timings will be made once approved by us.

Liability of Guests

All guests undertake not to accept more passengers onboard of the Yacht than it is specified in the Centaurus Charter. The guests shall immediately inform representatives of Centaurus Charter when following their instructions in the event of sea damage or major breakdown. Guests shall follow the compulsory control intervals of the propulsion engine during the accommodation service. To take all the preventive measures to keep the Yacht and/or another add-ons in the same condition as first delivered to avoid any towing situations. Guests shall not engage in fishing and submarine activities without valid licenses. Guests shall not embark any pets (dogs, cats, birds, etc.) without the prior written consent by Centaurus Charter.

Liability of Centaurus Charter

Centaurus Charter shall be obliged to deliver the vessel in good working order, cleaned and with full fuel and water tanks. In case of inability to deliver the booked Yacht at the arranged time, the guests shall be entitled to rescheduling the trip. Centaurus Charter shall not be liable for any delay incurred due to rough weather conditions.


Guests shall be entitled to file complaints only in writing, signed personally and by a representative of Centaurus Charter on the completion date of the service

Cruise Route

Depending on the time the route shall include the Marina Canal, Lagoon, Burj Al Arab and Atlantis the Palm.

Food and Beverages

Refrigerator, AC, GPS, Cutlery, drinkware, plates etc. No food or refreshments will be sold to guests; however, guests can bring their own food onboard. Drinks can be ordered from www.centaurusint.net

For manual booking through our representative, fill out the form below and we will reach out to you shortly.