Unlimited Drinks / 40% Off Private Tours for UAE Residents / Shared Tours Starting from 215 AED / F1: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Bookings Starting from 5,999 AED / Book for 3 Hrs & Get 1 Hr Free / Unlimited Drinks / 40% Off Private Tours for UAE Residents / Shared Tours Starting from 215 AED / F1: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Bookings Starting from 5,999 AED / Book for 3 Hrs & Get 1 Hr Free /

Yacht Rental Dubai

An Unforgettable Yacht Adventure

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Discover our legacy of excellence in yacht rentals in Dubai. We’re your trusted partner for unforgettable yacht adventures.

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Exquisite Options
hatteras poseidon 118ft yacht rental dubai



118 ft Yacht

100 Guests Capacity

majesty dionysos 77ft yacht rental dubai



77 ft Yacht

20 Guests Capacity

majesty silver creek 61ft yacht rental dubai

Silver Creek


61 ft Yacht

30 Guests Capacity

majesty lagoona 56ft yacht rental dubai



56 ft Yacht

24 Guests Capacity

azimut etosha 58ft yacht rental dubai



58 ft Yacht

28 Guests Capacity

majesty vassia 56ft yacht rental dubai v2



56 ft Yacht

21 Guests Capacity

silver craft thunder 36ft yacht rental dubai
Silver Craft



36 ft Yacht

10 Guests Capacity

silver craft storm 36ft yacht rental dubai
Silver Craft



36 ft Yacht

10 Guests Capacity

Luxury Yacht Charter Service

Premium Experiences

Elevate moments with yacht rental Dubai. From vibrant night parties to intimate sunsets, celebrate life’s milestones on the water.

What People Say About Us


Discover why our customers love us! From breathtaking experiences to impeccable service, We’re proud to share their Dubai yacht tour stories.

Adele McGrath
Adele McGrath
Excellent service. Ful transparent descrption on bookings and offers. Knows what clients want to give rheir clients an unbelivable day.
Aish Emzzy
Aish Emzzy
It was absolutely amazing! The staff were so accommodating and service was brilliant. My baby had a great first birthday! Thank you so much for great communication and decorating the boat
Almira Zakiryan
Almira Zakiryan
Thanks a lot to Elmira and Arsen !!! All the team who was serving our clients ) Happy to be connected 🤍
Kirill Bezukladnikov
Kirill Bezukladnikov
Yacht cruise was perfect, very accommodating staff, luxury setting and very tasty snacks made our day, 5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Viviana Palermo
Viviana Palermo
Amazing birthday boat party with a kindly staff 💪🏼 good job guys Will definitely book again
Helena Lundberg Sutton
Helena Lundberg Sutton
Perfect day out with friends, great service, very good value for money and just a really lovely team from booking to actual trip. We’ve done at least 10 rentals with Centaurus by now and are always happy.
ashlee dunbar
ashlee dunbar
This was the best boat company I have ever used, and I have been here 12 years. Brilliant service from Nadeem, Raja, and Qasim. Well done guys. Absolutely brilliant service. Thank you.
Frank Hess
Frank Hess
Fantastic service! Very friendly staff, very accommodating. The yacht we hired was in an impeccable condition. Food, drinks - top notch! Needless to say, I booked again! See you in December! Thank you, Centaurus Charter!
Linda Jacobsson
Linda Jacobsson
Great service provider for yacht rentals in Dubai. Nice boats and friendly staff, high service level. Highly recommended for a magical experience in Dubai!
Ayrton Fartura
Ayrton Fartura
Best crew I ever experienced, high service level, they kept on refelling the buckets with the drinks we brought all the times, cleaning being made at all times, flawless!

Yacht Rental Dubai Marina

Unlike the Rest

Experience Unmatched Luxury with yacht booking Dubai. Enjoy complimentary drinks, delectable snacks, quality services, and thrilling water sports on board.

Free Bubbly Drinks

Here’s to the good times on your yacht charter in Dubai! Sip on complimentary bubbly drinks that perfectly match the endless horizon. With our premium beverage selection, every moment sparkles with style and celebration as you sail away. Cheers to making memories!

Free Canapés & Snacks

Get ready for a taste bud fiesta with our “Canapés and Snacks” on your luxury yacht rental Dubai. Indulge in a variety of mouthwatering bites, from savory to sweet, expertly crafted to match the sea’s beauty. Elevate your cruise with flavors that dance as you sail!

Live DJ

Experience yacht party Dubai style like never before! Introducing our latest amenity, a Live DJ on board. Dance to the rhythm of waves under the starry sky. Elevate your celebration – book now for an unforgettable cruise!

Asked Questions

Yacht rental prices in Dubai vary based on factors such as the yacht’s size, amenities, duration of rental, and the specific services you require. Contact us for a tailored quote that fits your preferences.

Yacht rental costs per hour depend on the type of yacht and the services you’re looking for. The price can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per hour. Get in touch with us to receive detailed pricing information.

Owning a yacht involves substantial costs, including purchase price, maintenance, crew salaries, docking fees, and more. It’s considered a significant investment and may not be suitable for everyone. Luxury yacht rental offers a luxurious experience without the long-term expenses of ownership.

Yes, a yacht is typically considered a luxury item. Yachts provide an extravagant and exclusive way to explore the open waters, complete with lavish amenities, top-notch service, and breathtaking views.

A yacht hire fee usually covers the rental of the yacht itself, crew members, basic amenities, fuel costs for a certain distance, and docking fees. Additional services, special requests, and extra activities may come at an additional charge. We can provide you with a breakdown of inclusions when you inquire about specific yacht charters.

A yacht party dubai is a unique and unforgettable experience. Depending on the type of party, you can enjoy cruising along the stunning Dubai coastline, indulging in gourmet food and drinks, socializing on spacious decks, and engaging in various entertainment options such as music, dancing, and watersports.

people enjoying in a luxury yacht rental in dubai
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Discover Top-Notch Yacht Experiences with Centaurus Charter!

Dubai is famous for its cool spots, great food, nightlife, stunning beaches, and awesome yacht adventures. Many people flock here every year to book a private yacht and enjoy a perfect customized yacht experience!

Renting a yacht in Dubai is super easy. Pick the yacht or boat you want, decide how many people are joining, choose your trip’s day and time, add any extras you fancy, and pay using your favorite payment method. You will get an instant confirmation for your yacht charters in Dubai!

Yacht Rental in Dubai

Dubai occupies 12.6% of the world’s superyachts, making it the second-best place globally for boat rental. It’s just behind Miami, USA, based on online searches for yacht charters.

In 2019, the yacht rental market here was worth $6.5 billion, and it’s expected to grow by 5.2% yearly until 2027. Tourists are actively searching for premium maritime tourism and personalized services.

Every week, over 20,000 people in the UAE are online searching for yacht rentals in Dubai, and it’s over 50,000 monthly. People aged 25 to 44 are most into it.

Dubai boasts 15 marinas with 3,000+ berths. After Dubai Harbor’s grand entrance in 2020, more marinas were introduced. The city’s infrastructure, fancy dining, activities, and attractions make it a hot spot for superyachts.

Dubai’s houses it all—fancy facilities, modern infrastructure, tons of great places to eat, loads of things to do, and cool spots to check out. And the best part? It’s all super close when you’re at the marinas. Back in 2019, there were over 200 yachts registered in the Middle East, and most of them called Dubai their home port.

Now imagine: you get yourself a private yacht in Dubai, and suddenly you’re soaking in the views from where they’re meant to be seen—from the ocean. Cruising around Dubai Marina is a must. It’s famous for its posh lifestyle, entertainment options, shopping spots and much more. The whole area is like the VIP section of Dubai, especially when you’re on a luxury yacht charter.

So, if you’re looking for that top-notch, opulent experience, Dubai Marina is the place to be. And the best way to soak it all in? Rent a private boat and sail through this epic spot.

Dubai Marina for Yacht Rentals

Book a yacht in Dubai, see the sights from the ocean, and cruise through Dubai Marina, known for its posh lifestyle, entertainment, retail spots, and lavish buildings.

Dubai Marina, a crowd favorite, houses various eateries, attractions, and stores. Pier 7 is a cool spot with seven restaurants and killer city views.

Mina Rashid Marina, with 454 wet berths, 160 dry berths, and space for 60 superyachts, is home to some top-tier vessels.

Dubai’s pride, the Dubai Marina, and the iconic Palm Jumeirah are best seen from a yacht. Also, explore nearby hidden islands for a full-day luxury yacht charter at unbeatable rates.

To sum it up, Dubai is yachting heaven with its monuments and attractions. Centaurus Charter – The Best Quality Yacht Rental!

Why Yacht with Centaurus Charter?

  • Shared Tours: Live the high life in Dubai, without the high price. Join Yacht Share Dubai Tour and create unforgettable moments during morning, sunset and night on a budget!
  • Night Parties: Set the Night Ablaze with Our Yacht Charter Dubai Service. Experience the Ultimate Luxury Yacht Party in Dubai. Celebrate Under the Starlit Sky with Unforgettable Moments.
  • Fishing Trips: Cast Your Dreams on the Waters with Yacht Fishing Trips Dubai. Explore the Best Fishing Spots with Our Yacht Charter Dubai Service. Unwind and Reel in Memories Amidst Breathtaking Scenery.
  • Sunset Cruise: Embrace the Serenity of the Sea with Our Sunset Cruise Yacht Charter Dubai Service. Watch the Sun Dip Below the Horizon on a Luxurious Yacht in Dubai Marina. A Picture-Perfect Moment Awaits You.
  • Wedding Trips: Cherish Milestones with Our Private Boat Rental Dubai Service. Celebrate Love and Togetherness Amidst Luxury. Whether It’s Your First or Fiftieth Anniversary, Make It Truly Special.
  • Birthday Parties: Elevate Birthday Celebrations with Our Luxury Yacht Rental in Dubai Marina Service. Make Your Special Day Unforgettable on the Waters of Dubai. Party in Style and Glamour Like Never Before.
  • Private Events: Craft Your Ideal Private Event with Our Yacht Charter Dubai Service. Whether It’s a Proposal, Reunion, or Special Gathering, our Yacht Rental Dubai Service Sets the Perfect Stage.
  • Corporate Events: Redesign Corporate Events with Our Corporate Yacht Rental Dubai Service. Combine Business and Luxury Amidst Dubai’s Skyline. Create Unforgettable Networking and Team-Building Experiences.

How to Book a Yacht in Dubai

Booking a yacht in Dubai is now just a few clicks away. With Centaurus Charter, you can view the available yachts that we are offering. The pricing for each individual yacht is also mentioned to assist you with your decision. Book a yacht by clicking the “Book online” button that is hovering on the screen.

On-Board Luxuries You Can Expect

Experience the comforts of home on our yachts, featuring:

  • High-tech Sundeck
  • Cozy Lounges
  • Spacious Bedrooms
  • Comfortable Seating Areas
  • Well-equipped
  • Washrooms
  • Modern Theatres for Movie Buffs
  • Well-appointed Kitchens

Book Yachts with Centaurus Charter for Luxury Yacht Charter Dubai

  • Quality Service: The best quality yacht rental company extending its excellence to the seas.
  • Variety: Choose from our extensive fleet of luxury yachts, ranging from 36 to 118 feet, to explore Dubai in style.
  • Occasions: Perfect for corporate events, family gatherings, special occasions, and thrilling water sports.
  • Offers: Explore our early bird discounts, group packages, morning & night rental discounts, and seasonal promotions.

An Unforgettable Yacht Adventure with Centaurus Charter!

At Centaurus Charter, we cater to every adventure-seeking desire. Immerse yourself in the lap of luxury and let the thrill of diverse offerings begin.

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hatteras poseidon 118ft yacht rental dubai
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