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55 ft Azimut Yacht


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Choose Etosha, a 55 ft yacht in Dubai, for a sleek, luxurious sea journey. Ideal for exclusive events, it combines modern style with top-tier comfort.
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About the Yacht

55 ft Azimut Yacht

Table of Contents

Luxury yachting represents the height of lavishness and style, offering an unmatched experience on the oceans of Dubai. For those in search of a mix of style, performance, and comfort, Centaurus Charter offers many choices. A standout in yachting is the 55 ft Azimut Yacht, a boat that shows off the best in sea engineering and luxurious design. Known for its smooth lines and outstanding workmanship, the 55 foot Azimut provides a unique escape to a world of aquatic splendor.

Whether it’s smoothly sailing over calm seas or moored in a quiet bay, this yacht promises an unforgettable journey. Additionally, learning about the 55 foot Azimut price reveals the real worth of this magnificent yacht, making it a highly desired choice for enthusiasts and experts alike. In this blog, we’ll talk about its features and capabilities, and we’ll see how the 55 ft Azimut Yacht by Centaurus Charter stands as a symbol of luxury and refinement in the world of yachting.

The Overview of the 55 ft Azimut Yacht

When it comes to luxury yachting, the Azimut brand stands as a model of excellence and innovation. Known for their Italian craftsmanship and cutting-edge design, Azimut yachts have carved out a prestigious reputation in the world of yacht manufacturing. Among their impressive range, the 55 ft Azimut yacht shines as a true embodiment of elegance and refinement.

The 55 foot Azimut is more than just a yacht; it’s a statement of luxury and a proof of the fine art of yacht-making. This yacht is designed with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to superior quality. It stands out in the marina, not just for its size but for its sleek design and state-of-the-art features. From the moment you step on board, you are wrapped in an atmosphere of refined comfort and exclusivity.

One of the key features of the 55 ft Azimut yacht is its perfect balance between performance and comfort. The yacht is equipped with advanced navigation and safety features, ensuring a smooth and secure journey across the seas. The spacious decks provide plenty of room for relaxation and entertainment, making it an ideal choice for both intimate gatherings and lavish parties.

Centaurus Charter is proud to offer this magnificent yacht, assuring a sailing experience that is nothing short of extraordinary. Considering the 55 foot Azimut price, it reflects not just the physical attributes of the yacht but also the unparalleled experience it offers. It’s an investment in a lifestyle marked by luxury, adventure, and refinement. Whether sailing the calm waters or moored in a secluded bay, the 55 ft Azimut yacht promises an unforgettable experience filled with comfort, style, and grace.

Design and Aesthetics

The 55 ft Azimut yacht, an affordable selection from Centaurus Charter, showcases an elegant mix of beauty and practicality, raising the bar in sea travel luxury. This impressive boat Etosha by Azimut, is simply a symbol of style and elegance.

  • Exterior Design Highlights: The smooth outline of the yacht highlights its Italian design roots. Its streamlined shape, marked by elegant lines, enhances its movement through water and ensures a smooth ride. The large flybridge, a standout feature of the 55 foot Azimut yacht, offers a spectacular view of the ocean, making it perfect for sunbathing or social events. Moreover, the creative use of glass creates an open connection with the sea, allowing natural light to spread across the decks.
  • Interior Design and Luxury Features: Entering the interior of the 55 ft Azimut yacht, you’re greeted with a world of luxury and comfort. Every part radiates luxury, from the comfortable furnishings to the advanced entertainment systems. The cabins are beautifully designed, offering privacy and peace, each decorated with rich materials and textures. The salon, with its large windows, provides a beautiful setting for socializing and relaxing.
  • Use of Space and Comfort: Despite being 55 feet in size, the yacht feels much larger due to its smart layout. The strategic use of space ensures that every area is both useful and luxurious. The cabins are designed for ultimate comfort, offering a peaceful escape after a day on the water. The kitchen, fitted with high-end appliances, makes eating aboard a deluxe experience. Every part of the yacht’s design is focused on creating a smooth experience of luxury, comfort, and style.

In terms of the 55 foot Azimut price, it matches the unmatched quality and beautiful craftsmanship of this magnificent boat. For those seeking a distinctive and elegant yachting experience, the 55 ft Azimut yacht from Centaurus Charter represents the best of maritime luxury.

Performance and Capabilities

The 55 ft Azimut yacht, a standout in the Centaurus Charter collection, is known for its impressive engine performance and power. Equipped with advanced drive technology, this motor yacht offers a smooth and powerful ride, ideal for exploring the seas. Its strong engine is designed for top efficiency, making every trip not only enjoyable but also eco-friendly.

In terms of navigation systems, the 55 foot Azimut is exceptional. It’s equipped with the latest in navigation and safety features, making it a reliable choice for both experienced and new yacht lovers. The yacht’s modern technology ensures a safe and secure experience, allowing you to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery without any concerns.

One of the most notable features of the 55 ft Azimut yacht is its spaciousness, comfortably fitting up to 28 people. This makes it perfect for big gatherings, business events, or family trips. Whether you’re hosting a party or just enjoying a day on the water, this yacht ensures everyone has plenty of room to relax and enjoy themselves.

Finally, the handling and stability of the 55 foot Azimut are unparalleled. Even in unpredictable sea conditions, this yacht remains steady and easy to control. Its design focuses on stability, ensuring a smooth ride no matter the weather. So, whether you’re planning a relaxed cruise along the coast or an exciting sea adventure, the 55 foot Azimut yacht promises a safe, comfortable, and memorable experience.

Accommodation and Amenities

Spanning over two beautifully designed decks, this yacht features three luxurious cabins that combine style and comfort perfectly, making it great for both romantic escapes and family holidays.

Step inside this 55 foot Azimut and be welcomed by grand spaces that are excellently crafted for gatherings. Whether you’re hosting a celebratory event or simply enjoying time with loved ones, these areas offer the right mix of elegance and comfort. The lavish lounging areas, furnished with soft seating and modern amenities, provide a cozy yet luxurious environment for relaxation and socializing.

The 55 foot Azimut doesn’t stop at just providing indoor luxury. It extends its luxury to outdoor experiences as well, for adventure lovers, this yacht doesn’t disappoint. It is equipped for various watersports, allowing guests to dive into exhilarating activities amidst the serene blue waters. The living areas are not just about comfort but also about entertainment. Equipped with state-of-the-art features, they promise to keep everyone engaged and entertained throughout the journey. The 55 ft Azimut yacht from Centaurus Charter is truly a floating paradise waiting to be explored.

Price and Charter Details

At Centaurus Charter, we’re proud to offer this magnificent yacht at an accessible rate of 990 AED per hour. Our pricing is thoughtfully set to ensure a memorable experience that’s also great value for money. The cost of renting this yacht is influenced by various factors, including how long you plan to sail, the season, and any special services you might choose. We aim to provide a clear and adaptable pricing structure to meet your specific needs.

To make your charter experience even more enjoyable, Centaurus Charter presents a range of renting options and packages. These are crafted to suit different tastes and occasions. Don’t miss our exciting special offers and discounts, frequently available to give you the best deals. Whether it’s for a romantic escape, a family trip, or a business gathering, our 55 ft Azimut yacht offers an exceptional setting for a memorable time on Dubai’s waters.


To wrap it up, the 55 ft Azimut Yacht is all about great times on the water with a touch of luxury. It’s perfect for any kind of sea outing – whether that’s relaxing and watching the sunset, having fun with friends, or enjoying a special occasion. This yacht has everything you need for a top-notch experience. Its performance makes it an excellent choice for both leisure and adventure on the waters. If you’re thinking about a yacht trip, check out the 55 ft Azimut. Ready to book or want to know more? Just head over to Centaurus Charter. Get ready for an amazing time at sea!

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