Unlimited Drinks / 40% Off Private Tours for UAE Residents / Shared Tours Starting 215 AED / Book for 3 Hrs & Get 1 Hr Free / Unlimited Drinks / 40% Off Private Tours for UAE Residents / Shared Tours Starting 215 AED / Book for 3 Hrs & Get 1 Hr Free /

Luxury Yacht Charter Service

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We proudly offer a spectrum of luxury yacht charter service, setting sail from the iconic Dubai Marina. From vibrant Night Parties to serene Sunset Cruises, tailor-made Anniversaries to joyous Birthday Parties, and exclusive Private and Corporate Events, we’ve curated a collection of services that redefine yacht rental in Dubai. With a focus on opulence and attention to detail, we invite you to explore our offerings, as we craft unforgettable moments that dance upon the waves.

Yacht Shared Tours Dubai

Live the high life in Dubai, without the high price. Join Yacht Share Dubai Tour and create unforgettable moments during morning, sunset and night on a budget!

Yes we do for all our services except for Shared Tours.

Night Yacht Party Dubai

Set the Night Ablaze with Our Yacht Charter Dubai Service. Experience the Ultimate Luxury Yacht Party in Dubai. Celebrate Under the Starlit Sky with Unforgettable Moments.

Certainly, spending the night on a yacht is an option offered by various yacht charter companies. It’s a unique way to enjoy the waters while experiencing the UAE’s warm evenings.

Dress comfortably and lightly for warm nights in the UAE. Casual, breathable clothing would be suitable.

To prepare for a yacht party, invite your guests and have a yacht chartered. Usually refreshments and sunscreens are offered by the yacht charter companies and it ensures a great time aboard.

Fishing Trip Dubai

Cast Your Dreams on the Waters with Yacht Fishing Trips Dubai. Explore the Best Fishing Spots with Our Yacht Charter Dubai Service. Unwind and Reel in Memories Amidst Breathtaking Scenery.

Fishing trips in Dubai cost anywhere between 500-1000 AED per hour. Although there can be promotional offers and discounts up to 50% off by yacht charter companies.

The cost of renting a small yacht can vary depending on several factors like for how many hours you need the yacht chartered for and if you need any extra amenities with the yacht. If you’re interested in specific pricing, you can check out our catalog of yachts for fishing trips.

Sunset Cruise Dubai

Embrace the Serenity of the Sea with Our Sunset Cruise Yacht Charter Dubai Service. Watch the Sun Dip Below the Horizon on a Luxurious Yacht in Dubai Marina. A Picture-Perfect Moment Awaits You.

The distance a yacht can cover in a day depends on its size, speed, and planned route. If you have a specific destination in mind, feel free to ask about estimated travel distances.

Yes, you can wear shoes on a yacht. To maintain the yacht’s condition, it’s recommended to wear soft-soled or non-marking shoes.

Yacht Wedding Reception

Cherish Milestones with Our Private Yacht Rental Dubai Service. Celebrate Love and Togetherness Amidst Luxury. Whether It’s Your First or Fiftieth Anniversary, Make It Truly Special.

Yachts are generally safe, especially when operated by experienced crews and equipped with proper safety features. Following safety guidelines while on board is important.

The cost of a 50-foot yacht can vary based on factors like brand, model, and features. You can check out our yachts. We have options in that range with pricing mentioned.

Yacht Birthday Party Dubai

Elevate Birthday Celebrations with Our Luxury Yacht Rental Dubai Marina Service. Make Your Special Day Unforgettable on the Waters of Dubai. Party in Style and Glamour Like Never Before.

The cost of renting a yacht depends on factors such as size, duration, and location. Feel free to inquire for a specific quote, tailored to your preferences.

Private Yacht Dubai

Craft Your Ideal Private Event with Our Yacht Charter Dubai Service. Whether It’s a Proposal, Reunion, or Special Gathering, our Yacht Rental Dubai Service Sets the Perfect Stage.

Yes, you can rent a yacht for a full day. Enjoy the serene waters and warm weather during a day-long yacht rental.

Corporate Event on Yacht

Redesign Corporate Events with Our Corporate Yacht Rental Dubai Service. Combine Business and Luxury Amidst Dubai’s Skyline. Create Unforgettable Networking and Team-Building Experiences.

Prices for mega yacht rentals vary based on size and amenities. For accurate pricing, it’s best to contact us directly.

Yacht capacity depends on the yacht’s size and layout. We offer yachts in various sizes to comfortably accommodate different group sizes. Feel free to ask for specific details.

Yacht Booking Service

Exquisite Options

Luxury Yacht Rental Dubai Marina

Explore our fleet of exquisite yachts available for rental in Dubai. Immerse yourself in the epitome of luxury and choose your ideal yacht today.

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